The most effective form of learning for children is learning by doing and experiencing. Children can learn through experiences of touch, movement, listening, vision and hearing; Children interact with other children and the different materials in our world and need opportunities to explore, understand and even assimilate them;  

   For this, various educational toys, costumes, toys, puppet stage and puppets should shed light on the rich inner world of children, support them and offer different alternatives.  

   Drama studies positively support the social, emotional and behavioral development of the child depending on the quality, duration and continuity of the education provided. In this context, educators are only a guide in this workshop, which is designed for the child to experience life by doing and living, reconstructing and expressing it in a unique way. Getting to know the child's own body and its features, using it in a versatile way, raising awareness, enabling independent thinking, directing cooperation, creating social and psychological sensitivity towards people and nature, listening to people in front of them, understanding, expressing themselves, defending their ideas, developing their creativity and aesthetics. is one of our most important workshops that enables them to take a stance against life by improving their self-confidence, decision-making and application skills.