Science and nature studies are important in terms of expanding children's interests, teaching them more effective ways of thinking, and improving their problem-solving skills. It is a special workshop that provides children with the opportunity to research and explore with their own observations and experiences. In this workshop, the child's innate sense of curiosity and urge to explore is supported and developed with projects and experiments. 

  Thanks to special trainings based on plant and animal groups, emotions such as love for nature, taking responsibility, appreciating, being appreciated, protecting and bringing continuity to the child are supported and developed.  

   People, animals, plants, our body, our health, nutrients, weather and weather events, water and other fluids, soil, rocks, simple landforms, gravity, space, matter, light, sound, force-motion-energy, heat-temperature Children will differ from each other in terms of their interests and abilities in this workshop, where subjects such as sinking-swimming, simple machines (such as wheels, screws, levers), animate and inanimate beings, discoveries, energy, seasons, natural events, our world, beyond our world will be covered. To this end, TAD plans educational experiences that will ensure the development of each child in line with their interests and abilities, professionally, together with their Psychologists and Pedagogues, throughout their school life. Children's use of their own experiences is the most preferred method for collecting information. For this reason, our teachers provide opportunities for all children to try, guess, make mistakes, make observations, ask questions, solve problems, research and examine about various situations, in the workshops where the children are active, while the teacher is passive and guiding, as a good observer. A rich environment is prepared instead of giving information to children. The teacher is responsible for being in contact with the children during the practices and ensuring that each child actively participates in the activity.