It is aimed to support the child's scientific thinking, observation, cause-effect relationship, problem solving skills. This workshop is also known as; “It can also be called literacy preparation work. It is important to rank these studies from simple to complex. Preparatory studies for literacy have an important place in early childhood education. It is extremely important to consider age, developmental level and individual differences in literacy preparation studies. Literacy Preparation Studies throughout the year; It is carried out periodically and gradually through various events that are prepared by our Education Consultants and are valid in all countries of the world. Visual perception studies, auditory perception studies, attention and memory studies, pencil holding and hand dexterity development studies, basic concept studies, problem solving, matching, distinguishing differences, part-whole-event sequencing, sequencing, classification, confidence and independent behavior development are grouped under various headings such as Reading and writing preparation activities enable children to facilitate mental functions such as perceiving, concentrating, increasing their vocabulary, encouraging verbal expressions, improving hand and eye coordination, pen-handling skills, pairing, establishing different relationships, grouping, sequencing, incomplete completion and comparison. . Mental activities increase in preschool children through the knowledge or skills acquired in preparation for reading and writing. We can generally evaluate them under the headings of colors, numbers, concepts, shapes.

   Mathematics encompasses all mental processes that involve understanding, recognizing and learning about our world. When we think of mathematics, the first thing that comes to our mind is intelligence. In addition, considering that it includes mental activities such as perception, concept formation, language acquisition, remembering, symbolizing, categorizing, thinking, problem solving and creating, TAD PRESCHOOL concentrates on activities that will maximize the intelligence and intelligence tendencies of all our children.