Our psychologist working in our institution organizes studies for children and parents.


Our psychologist conducts guidance work with children of all age groups. It makes in-boundary observations and performs individual and group work with the child in line with the needs.


Our psychologist determines the developmental level of each child through the Ankara Developmental Screening Inventory (AGTE). In addition, the interview techniques (drawing, puppet and playhouse, etc.)  with more child  with close observations and in-class observations, the child's  informs the family about their developmental needs.

Psychologist Bade Vardarlı graduated from Ege University psychology department in 2009. He graduated from the "European Master in Intercultural Education" program at the Free University in Berlin in 2010. During her undergraduate and graduate education, she did internship at a university hospital, a company's human resources department, a special education center, and a school psychology counseling center (Kreuzberg Schulpsychologishes Beratungszentrum) in Berlin, where students of Turkish origin and their families work. He completed his master's degree in psychological counseling at Ege University in 2014.  Psychological counseling service in women's counseling centers, family interviews in special education centers, psychologists in private schools and kindergartens  worked as In 2019, as a kindergarten psychologist in TAD Preschool Mavişehir, Kindergarten, she supports our school children and their families.



Information and awareness articles and seminars published monthly are prepared by our corporate psychologist and pedagogue.


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