This workshop is a mix of studio and laboratory, filled with natural and art materials. Weekly activities and materials to be used are planned and provided by the Expert Trainers regarding the project at hand. The child learns to express himself and his feelings freely with new tools such as clay, painting, collage, oil paint, mud, marbling, sculpture.  

   In this workshop, there are different kinds of paints, various colors and types of paper, dough, clay, mud and many art materials. Paintings, sculptures and other works created by the child using different techniques in different branches of art form the basis of the art workshop. The child learns to express himself in different ways through the work he does in the art workshop, and thanks to art, he finds the opportunity to freely convey his feelings about himself, others, the future and the world.  

   Art; It is the best way to express one's feelings and thoughts. Art education gives people skills such as reasoning, developing creativity, imagining, problem solving, developing hand, mind and eye coordination, and establishing relationships between proportions, starting from childhood. It helps the child develop both mentally and physically. Purpose of art education; rather than raising an artist, it is to gain many features such as being an individual in the society, socialization, thinking, understanding, overcoming problems, and the ability to produce. Among the art activities, there are many activities such as painting, cutting and pasting, kneading. It is very important for the development of the child that different types of kneading materials are used in the art workshop at certain intervals and periods in terms of providing an environment for the creativity of the child and the development of the concept of three dimensions within these activities.

A boy who paints himself
Man who is painting