Contribution is made by watching videos, cartoons or movies in parallel with the program covered in the workshop. The child reinforces the subject by supporting the subject visually and audibly.


  Social and emotional development is an important part of the preschool period. The child, the important elements of socialization; expressing their wishes appropriately, sharing, making friends, waiting in line, understanding, tolerance etc. tries to understand the concepts and learns the necessities of social life. TAD Kindergarten  has specially designed this workshop, with a team of experts, that supports the reinforcement of the targeted weekly topics and the children's real life experiences such as being appreciated, rewarded, encouraged, celebrated, relaxed, discharged after their sense of success. Special themed parties and movie screening days will be held by TAD every month on certain days and this information will be sent to you by e-mail, bulletin, etc. will be delivered via Only registered students can participate in these events.